High School Equivalency Classes

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High School Equivalency Classes Description: Individual tutoring for any client ages 16 and up Class Schedule: Monday, Wednesday 3-5pm; Tuesday 11am-1pm and 4-6pm; Thursday 11am-1pm Contact: Melissa Velez | 513-557-7253 | Melissa.Velez@santamaria-cincy.org Location: Literacy Center West, 3208 Warsaw Avenue    

Health Screenings

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Title: Health Screenings Description: Bilingual health screenings including: vision, mental health and domestic violence; Referrals given based upon screenings Schedule: By appointment Contact: Julie McGregor | 513-557-7212 | Julie.McGregor@santamaria-cincy.org Location: East Price Hill, 3301 Warsaw Avenue

HIV Prevention and Education

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Description: Resources and information about HIV prevention Schedule: 3rd Monday of the month 9am-12pm Contact: Luz Schemmel | 513-557-7207 | Luz.Schemmel@santamaria-cincy.org Location: East Price Hill, 3301 Warsaw Avenue

Mental Health Counseling

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Description: Santa Maria offers referrals to mental health counseling. Notes: Clients must make an appointment to participate; Spanish-speaking clients must request an interpreter. Contact: Julie McGregor | 513-557-7212 | Julie.McGregor@santamaria-cincy.org Location: East Price Hill, 3301 Warsaw Avenue  

Women’s Group/Coffee Hour

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Description: Empowering women; Share and learn parenting tips, connect to community resources, improve your personal safety, build friendships and learn about healthy relationships in a safe and confidential space. Educational, community support group. Discusses health, wellness, finances and parenting; encourages participants to … Continued