Education Advancement

Education Advancement

Santa Maria Community Services offers free High School Equivalency preparation and test registration services to low-income individuals age 16+ in an effort to develop a community which empowers individuals to improve their lives and neighborhoods through education, while inspiring them to work, learn, and grow.


The services combine classroom, small group, and one-on-one instruction to prepare students to take the Ohio HSE tests, and includes contracted High School Equivalency preparation services for the Hamilton County Adult Probation Department and the Camp Washington Neighborhood Center.


The fundamental premise behind these free services is to use education to break generational cycles of poverty. High School Equivalency preparation classes prepare students to take the Ohio HSE examinations and/or increase their basic skills to a functioning level. We believe that education is the most important vehicle to better employment and self-sufficiency, and we seek to develop character and civic responsibility within those who participate in our programs through positive interactions and relationship building with staff and volunteers.



Literacy Center West
3208 Warsaw Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45205
Phone: 513-557-7254
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