Tronyse first became acquainted with Santa Maria Community Services (SMCS) after being referred by Legal Aid to work with case managers to help assist her with housing issues when her living conditions rapidly declined at her apartment on Ross Ave. Tronyse attended our class, SMCS Rent Wise: Tenant Education Class. This five-hour course covers budgeting and affordable housing, finding and applying for housing, and tenant/landlord rights and responsibilities. Powered by the knowledge she gained through attending the class, Tronyse was able to find new, affordable and quality housing.


After moving into a better home, Tronyse was able to start focusing more on her own upward movement. She signed up for Dohn 22+ Adult Education Program, an SMCS partner at the time. In Dohn 22+, teachers meet students where they are and provide personalized support to help even struggling students complete their high school studies. Tronyse received her high school diploma and graduated in a few short months!


Encouraged by how proud her children were of her recent graduation, she then asked how to get certified in a field she was interested in – Phlebotomy!  Through SMCS’s connection to Job and Family Services’ Project Lift, Tronyse was able to get her tuition covered to attend classes. Project Lift is a public/private partnership that allows providers the flexibility, funding and resources to meet a family’s needs quickly. Fast forward another few months and Tronyse has now graduated from two educational program in less than 12 months!


Today, armed with her diploma and certification, Tronyse has started working for Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) and has plans to use her Phlebotomy certificate to work in a healthcare setting during the summer months when she is off from CPS. Tronyse says of her accomplishments, “I’m, super proud of myself; I just needed that extra push.”