“Seguir Adelante – Continue Moving Forward” – the Story of a Guatemalan Family Thriving in Price Hill

Mayliss and Alan

Ana Luz Isidro Morales (Ana) is mom to Mayliss-7 and Alan-2. She and her husband, Ilsias share a home with her two brothers, Humberto and Catalino.  Originally from Guatemala, Ana’s family has been living in Price Hill for eight years.

Two years ago, as the young family struggled to make ends meet, they sought Santa Maria’s assistance with diapers and early childhood development. They were able to receive diapers via Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank who donates diapers to Santa Maria’s clients every month. Ana and Alan also entered Santa Maria’s Every Child Succeeds Program to help with Alan’s developmental skills.

The Every Child Succeeds (ECS) program promotes positive parenting and healthy child development ​both prenatally and during the crucial first 3 years of life. Alan was able to reach all of his developmental milestones thanks to ECS. He can do age-appropriate things like following simple instruction, standing on his tiptoes and naming items in a picture book.

“Ana is very kind and a pleasure to work with,” said Ana’s Santa Maria coach, Jessica Gries, who is a bilingual Every Child Succeeds Navigator. “Ana is doing her best to care for her family. She is a frequent communicator, which makes it easy for her coach and family support worker to know what she needs and how we can help her,” Jessica said. Aracely Herrera, Ana’s Santa Maria Bilingual Family Support Worker, agrees. “Ana is committed, always has positive communication, and enjoys time together with her family.”

In addition to ECS and assistance with baby supplies, Ana has also sought Santa Maria’s assistance with housing. Her coach helped her complete a rental application to move into a new house. Jessica also communicated on Ana’s behalf with the landlord and various utility companies. Jessica said, “I hope that Ana now feels empowered to continue advocating for herself.”

Ana believes that the biggest obstacle for her family is the language barrier.  Not being able to speak English limits their independence and options, she said.  But now Ana is looking toward the future by taking English as a Second Languages classes with Santa Maria. When asked about her goals, Ana replied “seguir adelante,” which means “continue moving forward.” And that is exactly what she intends to do. Aracely said Ana has taught her to, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Won’t you please help Santa Maria continue helping families like the Morales family help themselves? As Ana said, “For people who do not have a lot, Santa Maria helps so much.”