Lower Price Hill residents participate in 5th annual Brian Thompson Memorial Fishing Tournament

The 5th annual Brian Thompson Memorial Fishing Tournament was held last month on July 30th Catfisherman’s Paradise in Camden, Ohio. 50 Lower Price Hill residents, adults and children, participated in the overnight fishing tournament for one year’s bragging rights as “Catfish Champion.” Eugene (Bud) Bussell received this year’s title by landing a 30 pound Shovelhead catfish around 4:00am.

The event first began in July of 2012, one month after Lower Price Hill resident, Brian Thompson, was shot and killed. Thompson was returning from a trip to get formula for his infant when individuals attempted to hijack his car. Brian was much loved in the community, as is his family, and the tournament provides an annual opportunity to facilitate a positive activity in his memory.

Santa Maria Community Services helps tournament participants with fishing fees, snacks, etc. Jim Holmstrom, Director of Santa Maria’s Youth Development Program, says, “It’s great to get so many LPH residents out of the community to connect and remember Brian. The sense of camaraderie is great, as adults help the kids and each other and tease one other about their lack of fishing skills. It’s a bit surreal once it gets dark as the lake is full of bobbers illuminated with ‘glow sticks’ of green, yellow, and red. I hope we can keep this event going and, with a new attendance record of 50 this year, I think we probably can.”