Santa Maria Community Services receives grants for community health support

Santa Maria Community Services is pleased to announce it has received three grants supporting their health and wellness services. The grants awarded by Cincy-Cinco, the John A. Schroth Family Charitable Trust, PNC Bank, Trustee, and the Ohio Commission on Minority Health (OCMH) serve to enhance the health and wellness of those in the Price Hill community through Santa Maria’s services.

Santa Maria’s health and wellness services reach out to individuals within the Price Hill community who do not receive regular health care. Staff and volunteers act as health navigators to help individuals, including immigrants, improve their accessibility to health-care services. The services are unique in that they focus on overcoming barriers to health care and provide training and consultation to health-care professionals and organizations. The health and wellness services offer health education and resources for underinsured or uninsured individuals through home visits and various health sites. In addition, the services help individuals with the following: emergency prescription assistance; medications; free mental health counseling; Medicaid and food stamp application assistance; eyeglasses and eye exams; hearing aids and hearing exams; health promotion support; and educational activities. The services also include two health fairs each year where participants have access to free screenings and resources.