Designing their future through jewelry

A group of motivated, ambitious women participated in the Santa Maria International Welcome Center’s Entrepreneur Program this past summer. This seven-week program, which teaches the Hispanic women of Price Hill how to start their own businesses, focused on jewelry-making.

The goal of the International Welcome Center’s Entrepreneur Program is to encourage and support female entrepreneurs in Price Hill as they seek financial stability for their families.

We partnered with the Greater Cincinnati Microenterprise Initiative to teach participants about starting a business. In addition to covering basic accounting and management skills, the Entrepreneur Program focuses on hands-on education in product creation and production. This program helps participants in their goal of attaining financial independence while providing them with an outlet to connect with other business-minded women in the community.

Jenny Ginocchio, a long-time Santa Maria Community Services’ volunteer, taught this group of powerful women about jewelry-making. And some of the participants are already selling the jewelry they’re creating!

At the end of the summer program, the most advanced students completed an auction project that showcases the jewelry-making skills they learned. This bohemian-style jewelry set pictured below was completed by Rena Kato (earrings), Yukiko Suzuki (necklace) and Astou Sawane (bracelet).

This jewelry project is a unique design from two of our advanced students: Alejandra Garcia and Maria Garcia. Both women want to eventually start a jewelry business.

The artistry and dedication shown in the Entrepreneur Program demonstrate the creativity and drive of the women of Santa Maria International Welcome Center.

Additionally, we would like to thank the San Antonio Church Parish for helping make these classes a possibility.