Heathy Homes: Block by Block holds fourth biannual Price Hill Safety Day

Healthy Homes: Block by Block, a program designed to identify pregnant moms and children under the age of 6 in the 04/05 zip code area, collaborated with the Comprehensive Children’s Injury Center (CCIC) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to host the 4th bi-annual Price Hill Safety Day at Elder High School. This collaboration allows community volunteers as well as Block Captains from the Healthy Homes program to be trained on how to install home safety equipment and provide home safety education. Once trained, volunteers head out to the identified homes to educate families and install the safety equipment.

Families are recruited by Block Captains who walk block by block to find families interested in having child safety items installed in their homes. Families are also recruited internally through Every Child Succeeds, Promoting our Preschoolers, and the Family Child Care Provider program. This event is focused on helping families keep their little ones safe in the home and out of local emergency rooms.

On June 18th, volunteers installed 31 bundles (valued at $100 each) of home safety equipment at no cost. Bundle items included a smoke & carbon monoxide detector, a safety gate, electrical outlet covers, cabinet & drawer locks, non-slip bathtub stickers, nightlight and other safety equipment to keep the kids safe. In addition, 24 volunteers participated in the successful event. This collaboration marked CCIC’s 1000th installation. A huge milestone for the hard work and dedication put forth by the Injury Center’s staff. To date, 96 homes in Price Hill have received a safety bundle.

An enormous “thank you” goes out to the Comprehensive Children’s Injury Center staff & their partners, to the community volunteers and to Elder High School for continuing this collaboration and for keeping Price Hill’s families away from the emergency room.