Santa Maria Community Services Hosts Cancer Screening and Prevention Health Fair on February 19, 2022

Santa Maria Community Services, Inc. is pleased to announce it’s hosting a free cancer screening and prevention health fair on Saturday, February 19, 2022, from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Price Hill Recreation Center located at 959 Hawthorne Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45205.


This special health fair is geared specifically toward cancer screening and prevention and will include on the spot screenings for lung, head and neck, and prostate cancer. It will also include free COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots for those who are eligible. God’s Favor Mobile Meals and The Cancer Justice Network will be providing to-go food for participants. Participants should pre-register by going to Free parking is available at the Recreation Center and mask must be worn during the event.


“This health fair is something new and different for Price Hill,” said H.A. Musser, Jr., Santa Maria President and CEO. “Our partner, We Engage 4 Health involves citizens of all ages in learning about health challenges, including cancer, using special comic book-style illustrations to help tell stories that educate the reader about different topics. Their unique materials will be available at this event in both English and Spanish.”


Santa Maria would like to thank the sponsors and partners who made this event possible: Cancer Justice Network, Cincinnati Recreation Commission, City of Cincinnati Health Department, University of Cincinnati Cancer Center and We Engage 4 Health.