Mount St. Joseph student teaches Hip Hop classes at the Family Center

Santa Maria is privileged to have some great volunteers who come and work with clients at the agency. One of them is Mount St. Joseph Summer Employment Program student worker, Riley Ferguson. Riley currently works as the Assistant Event Planner and Office Agent for Santa Maria, but she also volunteers for the Youth Development Program at Santa Maria’s Joe Williams Family Center teaching a hip hop class. Riley has be dancing since she was three and is skilled in dance styles such as tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop. “One of the reasons I decided to volunteer at the Center is because I like to give back to the community and I love dancing, so being able to teach a class like this is not only enjoyable for me, but it’s also something enjoyable for the youth to get involved with,” said Riley.

Riley teaches the hip hop class every Thursday for an hour. During the classes, the youth learn hip hop tricks such as break dancing, jumps, handstands, and more. About 10-12 youth participate in the class, which offers them an opportunity to release their energy and exercise. Riley stated, “I love the look in the kids’ eyes when they say they can’t do a move, but then they try it once and perform the move like a pro!” Santa Maria has offered multiple groups and classes based off the skills and support from volunteers both inside and outside of the agency. If you are interested in working with youth, please contact the Joe Williams Family Center at (513) 557-4064.