Santa Maria’s SPARK Program gets ready for kindergarten

This August, Santa Maria Community Services’ SPARK (Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids) Program participated in the “Get Ready for School” kindergarten orientation at Rees E. Price Elementary School. Eight Children within the program who were entering kindergarten at Price attended the three-day event.

The orientation prepared children for kindergarten by showing them what a typical day for them would look like. Children participated in circle time, centers, seat work, and recess. They learned how to line up, sit correctly during carpet time, and how to raise their hand before speaking. They also took a tour of the school and visited important rooms such as the computer lab, gym, music, and art room. The children were also taught how to walk through the lunch line and how to hold the trays properly so they wouldn’t spill while walking. Not only did they get to see the school, but they also got to meet the nurse and the staff in the main office.

On the first day, the parents participated in a parent group. Thanks to a collaboration between Santa Maria and 4C for Children, the group discussed school expectations and met with the new principal. On the last day of orientation, the children and their parents saw where their classroom would be and met their teacher. Get Ready For School is a great way to prepare children for kindergarten and to help them get excited with their transition into this next stage of life.