9 Mount St. Joseph University students join Santa Maria for Summer Employment Program

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This summer, Santa Maria was again provided with the opportunity to work with several Mount St. Joseph University students as part of the University’s Summer Employment Program. The students that are part of this program were given a list of possible agencies and positions to apply for as their summer job. It’s a great opportunity for the students to get professional experience and to broaden their knowledge of the community around them. Before students started working, they attended an orientation and were able to have lunch with their mentors at the University. It was a great way to start off the program and a good opportunity to ask questions to better prepare themselves for their positions.

There were a variety of job opportunities for the students at Santa Maria, and nine students were selected to work with agency. The students have positions mentoring youth, planning events and activities for the kids, assisting with GED services and preparation, helping to develop communications and marketing materials, participating in event planning, assisting with the volunteer program, and more. The students were given jobs that will enhance their strengths as well as improve their weaknesses to better their future careers.

Mount St. Joseph student, Apsasia Markis, stated, “Working at Santa Maria through the Summer Employment Program has been an eye-opener. I had no idea that many of the programs Santa Maria offers even existed, and it is an amazing thing, especially for the Price Hill community. Working with Human Resources will allow me to learn various functions and skills of the HR office and field, which will follow me wherever life takes me after college. I am forever grateful that the Summer Employment Program allows students to have opportunities like the one I have, and that I am able to work for such a great organization like Santa Maria.”

Overall, the Summer Employment Program has been a great opportunity for not only the students, but also the agency.