Santa Maria Community Services, In. Received $38,000 from Nehemiah Manufacturing

CINCINNATI, OH – Santa Maria Community Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received a gift of $38,000 from Nehemiah Manufacturing. The gift is from the proceeds from Nehemiah Manufacturing’s 8th Annual Make a Difference Golf Classic held at Western Hills Country Club and is being used in part for Santa Maria’s Youth Development Program.

Santa Maria Community Services’ Youth Development Program provides Lower Price Hill youth ages 10-16 with the opportunity to partake in a life/social-emotional skills group while learning how to develop peaceful conflict resolution, peer resistance, youth safety, bullying prevention, self-management, and goal-directed behavior skills. In addition to life skills development, the program focuses on youth mentoring and leadership through academic assistance and tutoring, age specific activities, personal responsibility, and optimistic thinking skills. Participants have opportunities to engage in community-service projects, and each child’s family is linked to resources that promote family stability while addressing concerns that threaten or hinder the family’s well-being. The Youth Development Program welcomes Price Hill youth to learn how to be more successful in school and in life. Santa Maria’s Youth Development Program Team changes lives by resolving issues related to school, social culture, and family life.

Group surrounding nehemiah check for $38,000
L to R – Front row: Santa Maria’s Danny Burridge, Jessica Polzin, Ben Klayer, Nune Sargsyan and Nehemiah’s Dan Meyer; 2nd row: Nehemiah’s Chris Lahni and Robin Marsh; 3rd row: Santa Maria’s H.A. Musser and Nehemiah’s Eli Livingston; 4th row: Nehemiah’s Michael Kenning; 5th row: Nehemiah’s Adam Lindsey and Nick Westerman


“We are so grateful for the generous support of Nehemiah Manufacturing,” said H.A. Musser, Jr., President and CEO of Santa Maria Community Services, Inc. “This generous gift will have a direct impact on Lower Price Hill youth and will help us provide them with the support and hope they need to be successful.”