Sarah Rodriguez’s PATCHwork: A Community Art Project

Part 1:

Click the photo to view a slideshow of Sarah and our artists at work!

Local artist Sarah Rodriguez recently brought her incredible talent to Santa Maria Community Services, where she embarked on a project that beautifully embodies the essence of our vibrant West Side neighborhoods.

In March, Sarah hosted two PatchWORK workshops. The first was at the Joe Williams Family Center, collaborating with our Santa Maria Youth Development participants, and the second was at our East Price Hill Family Center with our Spanish-speaking Women’s Group participants and their children. This collaborative effort showcased the power of art in fostering connections and celebrating the diversity of Price Hill. Participants engaged in creating vibrant collages using pre-painted paper, reflecting their cherished memories, favorite spots, and the unique essence of our neighborhood. One participant in each workshop even used Santa Maria as their favorite place!

As a West Side artist and recipient of ArtsWave’s 2024 Black and Brown Artist Grant, Sarah’s work brings joy, inspiration, and a sense of belonging to our community. We are honored to have partnered with her on this impactful project, eagerly anticipating the beautiful tapestry that will emerge, reflecting the diversity and vibrancy of our beloved West Side. Watch the video below for highlights!


Part 2:

We are thrilled to unveil the stunning mural “PatchWORK: A Community Art Project,” created by the talented artist Sarah Rodriguez. This beautiful work was made possible through the support of ArtsWave’s Black & Brown Artists Program – Truth & Innovation Grant 2024. Our dedicated program participants from across Price Hill joined forces to help bring this masterpiece to life, showcasing the power of community and creativity.

The mural, displayed at the Westwood Recreation Center during the Westside Market, stands as a testament to the vibrant spirit and unity of all three Price Hill neighborhoods. Each detail in the collage work highlights the unique contributions of our community members, illustrating how art can bring us all closer together.


Here is the finished work for Price Hill!