Saba is Weaving a Tapestry of Generational Bonds to Strengthen her Family

Meet Saba and her amazing multi-generational family! Saba, 43, lives in Westwood with her four children, sons, Nathan, 12, Abner, 10, and Noel, 7, and daughter, Leah, who is five years old. Their family portrait is completed by Saba’s parents, mother, Mana, 74, and father, Weldtinsae, 79, who add layers of wisdom and heritage to their household. Saba’s family exemplifies the strength and warmth of multi-generational living.

Originating from Eritrea in Eastern Africa, Saba’s family emigrated to Missouri and then found their way to Cincinnati over a decade ago, seeking a community where they could grow and prosper. Their home is a bustling hub of activity, love, and learning, with three generations under one roof—a living testament to the 7.2% of U.S. households that are multi-generational.

Saba’s journey with Santa Maria began when her friend, Oakba, told her about the Promoting Our Preschoolers (POP) program. Here, she formed a valuable connection with her Family Support Worker, Regine Gordon. “It felt good working with Regine,” Saba said. “She helped us with what we needed help with.” Regine’s guidance was instrumental in providing educational resources and activities, helping prepare all of Saba’s children for kindergarten. “I loved working with Saba and her children,” Regine said. “Her number one strength is that she has a positive attitude no matter what she is going through. She will look at the positive side and work through it.”

Saba’s youngest child, Leah, followed in her brothers’ footsteps, recently graduating from POP with new books, an Amazon Fire tablet, and other essential supplies in hand, thanks to Santa Maria’s comprehensive support. The family also received food boxes, help at Christmas, backpacks with school supplies, and gift cards for back-to-school clothes.

Saba’s children also benefited from Santa Maria’s partnership with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank which provided diapers and later pull-ups. Saba and her children also participated in Santa Maria’s free reading groups, improving their reading skills. In addition, Most Valuable Kids were able to provide the family with tickets to plays and sporting events.

Santa Maria’s impact extended beyond just the children. Through our Wellness Program, Saba’s mother, Mana, found accessible healthcare at the Good Samaritan Free Health Center, and Weldtinsae is eagerly awaiting his turn. This holistic approach to family support is what makes Santa Maria’s services unique and impactful. It’s not just about one thing; it’s about looking at the whole picture.

As Leah navigates her kindergarten years, Regine remains a supportive figure in the family’s life, keen to witness Leah’s growth and achievements. Saba’s gratitude toward Santa Maria is evident in her enthusiasm for referring other families to our services, a testament to the positive changes she’s witnessed in her own family.

Saba dreams big for her children, envisioning a future filled with educational accomplishments and fulfilled aspirations. With Santa Maria’s support and the rich, nurturing environment of their multi-generational home, the possibilities for Saba’s family are boundless.

Their story is a beautiful example of how multi-generational living can be a foundation for growth, learning, and success, and how Santa Maria plays a vital role in fostering such environments for families in the Greater Price Hill community. Santa Maria helps with everything from children preparing for school to parents figuring out their finances and even making sure grandparents get the healthcare they need. For families like Saba’s, it means they get the kind of help that fits them just right, helping everyone in the family, young and old, to do their best.

Santa Maria’s program participants like Saba put in the hard work, and donors provide the hand-up they need, together weaving a future where every family in our community has the opportunity to thrive, grow, and contribute to the rich, vibrant tapestry of Price Hill.