Santa Maria Celebrates National Volunteer Week by Spotlighting Super Volunteer Steve Giessler!

As we celebrate National Volunteer Month in April – and National Volunteer Week, April 21-27, 2024 – let’s give a big shoutout to Steve Giessler, a super volunteer whose love for Cincinnati runs deep. After retiring, Steve turned his handy skills towards making a big difference at Santa Maria. He’s a wizard with anything that needs fixing—from a wobbly door to a patch of drywall needing some love. His journey of giving back is not just about the tasks, though; it’s the heart and smiles he brings that light up our buildings.

Between running marathons and walking miles, Steve and his wife Linda demonstrate what dedication looks like. Born and raised on the west side, the couple recently moved closer to family, but that didn’t slow them down; it just gave Steve more reasons to dive into community service, especially at Santa Maria.

Steve’s knack for repairs and his ever-ready smile have made him a favorite at Santa Maria. Whether it’s finding the right paint color, or just being a friendly face, he’s shown us the beauty of working together and helping families thrive. Our staff can’t help but feel a bit brighter when Steve’s around, proving every day how one person’s efforts can ripple through a community. Santa Maria Youth Development Education Facilitator Amelia O’Donnell said, “Steve goes above and beyond what we ask! He is always finding things to fix that we either didn’t know needed to be fixed or didn’t know were able to be fixed. He always does everything with a smile on his face!”

As we celebrate Steve and all our volunteers this month, we’re reminded of the incredible difference one person can make. Thanks to Steve and every volunteer this month, for all the warmth and dedication you bring to our family at Santa Maria.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! You will be able to read Steve’s entire story in our 2023 Impact Report that should be hitting your mailbox this summer! Stay tuned!