Changing Lives, One Diaper at a Time: Sweet Cheeks & Santa Maria – A Partnership Story

Every month, we have the pleasure of partnering with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, a fellow nonprofit dedicated to supporting families in need. Together, we provide families with free diapers and period products to help families overcome generational poverty.

In a heartwarming video, our early childhood administrative assistant, Gina Hornback, and volunteer Peggy Edwards take center stage. They roll up their sleeves and dive into the task at hand: bringing diapers and period products to our program participants.

But this isn’t just about distributing essentials – it’s about fostering connections and offering a hand up to those in our community who need it most. The partnership between Santa Maria and Sweet Cheeks goes beyond transactions; it’s a testament to the shared commitment of two organizations working tirelessly to make a difference.

As Gina and Peggy navigate through the day, their actions speak volumes. They demonstrate the care and attention to detail that defines our approach to serving families. From loading up the van with supplies to organizing donations with precision, every step is infused with purpose and dedication.

Through this collaboration, we’re not just providing diapers and period products – we’re providing hope. We’re sending a powerful message to our program participants: you are seen, you are valued, and you are not alone.

At Santa Maria, we believe in the transformative power of partnerships. Together with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank and other like-minded organizations, we’re building a network of support that extends far beyond our walls. We’re creating a community where families can thrive, regardless of the challenges they face.

As we continue on this journey, we’re grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such incredible partners. Together, we’re making a difference – one diaper at a time.

Thank you for being part of our mission to create a brighter future for Price Hill families.